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Drafting Table Plans
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Drafting Table Plans

Drafting table plans are close to the heart of woodworking aficionado since a drafting table is invaluable equipment for their woodworking projects. Drafting tables are slightly different from a regular table. Often referred to as drafting boards, drawing tables or the architects tables, these multi-purpose tables are simply great for drawing, sketching or writing. The architects utilize these for making precise diagrams. With the new technology that is being supported by the various software aiding in drafting and designing, the drafting tables are disappearing.

In the retail stores the drafting tables are overly priced in the range of $150-$700. In this price you will get a steel frame which has a big laminated piece on the top. Therefore making them yourself is a better idea. There is plethora of DIY information available on the internet. The first step towards making the plans is looking for different types of drafting table designs on the internet. This will help you in customizing your plans.

Try to sketch these models and plans on the paper. The drafting table plans can be drawn on any paper but the graph paper is best. This is because here you can exactly measure the units and draw accurately. You must always fix your graph paper to the table on which it is spread. This will allow accuracy and you won’t be rubbing often to make it messy.

Once your plan is completed make a computer model of the drafting table. You can use software like 3D Studio Max to build it on the monitor. Play around with the dimensions until you get the perfect result. Drafting tables can be made out of wood or metals. You can add auxiliary shelves and tool drawers underneath for storage. The most important element of the drafting table is height adjustability. A proper height is required to avoid any back strains and injuries. Remember to include in your drafting table plans the finish of the top surface. The top of the table should have a non-glare finish. Also the top angle adjustment should be up to 50 degrees.

You can make drafting table out of simple PVC and melamine. This will cost you around $50 maximum. Pencil your measurements and adjust according to the requirements. Then buy the supplies and start cutting. Before cutting, think of the kind of joints that will work. There are some plans that will guide you to make collapsible and portable drafting tables. There are lot of ideas floating on the internet. But most of the times, people behind them do not offer these plans for free. You have to give around $4-$15 in order to download these plans.

There are people who will provide you with plans that include unused items in your home. For example you can use the legs of an unused kitchen cabinet for the drafting table, stain grade plywood for the work area and some hinges to lift the top. Drafting table plans are not limited to your internet resources; you can use your imagination for that perfect drafting table.
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